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My Demon Lover
"Kneel Before Me"  By John McCord

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"Mistress X" - Mistress or Master enters the room where your fate is to be decided!
"Bitch" - A wicked track to get the Domme of the house in the correct mood for the evening<
"Kneel Before Me" - An epic track, building to a fury of Dominant power!
"Lick My Boots" - Self explanatory - need I say More?!
"Tied To The Cross" - Tied securely, you feel the excitement rise within you!
"Blindfolded" - Secure in your bondage, teased by…? You can't tell because you can't see!!
"The Domina Song" - Mistress/Master takes a moment to relax as you gaze upwards adoringly
"Night Stalker" - You're walking home alone, and just like the scene in Halloween, you think it's all over - you hear something, you start to turn and you're standing there frozen, staring at him face to face!
"My Demon Lover" - And he looks at you and says - "Tag, you're it sweety!"