My Demon Lover

Who is My Demon Lover?

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What is Fetish Music?

My Demon Lover was created as a result of long nights spent in various clubs and dungeons playing games and having fun, except...... Something was missing, everything was great and groovy but... Then it dawned on me - the music! Now I'm not knocking the music, I like it all, but it just didn't seem appropriate for the fetish/S&M scene.

O.K., Gregorian Chant and Enigma are fine, but, you have to admit they have been played to death! Or it's dance music which is fine when you're ravin'... Anyway, you get my point!

So, My Demon Lover decided to make music for dungeons and bedrooms. A blend of ambient sounds mixed with a dark and threatening undertone! Two albums to get you and your slave in the mood for a naughty night of dark thoughts and deeds!

So click on the menu to begin sampling the music of My Demon Lover!

Enjoy my friends!